From tropical forests, pastures, parklands and wildlife reserves, this honey abounds with flavor.  It is robust and comes from the nectar of wildflowers in remote, growing regions that are isolated from industrial agriculture.  It is certified USDA Organic by EcoCert ICO. Add this honey to your table, and impress your friends with a product that makes a statement about your tasteful commitment to the natural world. 

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Enjoy the delicious and distinctive taste of HoneyTree’s Raw Organic Honey, and know that you are doing your part to encourage sustainable land use.

Raw Honey will often crystallize. This is a natural process. Crystallized honey is delicious as a spread and is prefered by many raw honey enthusiasts.  When honey crystallizes just remove the cap and use a teaspoon to serve. If liquid honey is desired crystallization can be reversed by warming the honey.  Submerse the closed jar in water that is 115F and refresh until honey is liquid.